About Us

First Capital Enterprises is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency in Ross County supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1972.

As a certified provider of Medicaid waiver services, we specialize in adult day support, both in our facility and in the community through our K-Nect program, and in non-medical transportation services throughout Ross County.

Though we began as a vocational habilitation provider, we have transformed our purpose from sheltered work to activities that promote social experiences. Our passion is to help the people we support achieve their dreams, make new friends, and become a part of something meaningful to them. We do this by discovering a person’s interests, by presenting opportunities to participate in those interests in the setting where those activities typically occur and with people who share the same interests. We teach the skills necessary for the person to successfully enjoy becoming a part of something bigger, even if success means that we are no longer needed.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

OUR VISION: To be the vehicle on the journey to meaningful lives, where we are needed less by the people we serve.

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to provide the training, encouragement and opportunity for people to flourish, to be empowered and to experience the contentment of doing what they value in the place they desire.


  1. We serve adults who should be treated as adults.
  2. We believe every individual has a “highest” level of independence and community involvement.
  3. We believe in the importance of well-trained and well-supported DSPs.
  4. We believe in teamwork.
  5. We follow the direction the person is leading us through person-centered planning.
  6. We don’t do average, we do AMAZING.
  7. We see people and their strengths; not disabilities.
  8. We find joy in even the smallest successes and we celebrate.
  9. We believe community connections make everyone stronger.
  10. We believe that everyone can be an asset in the community, whether through employment, volunteering, or socialization.

Our Staff

Jim Lambert – Executive Director

Tonya Emery – Program Services Manager

Josh Claytor – Community Development Manager

Bryan Strawser – Transportation Manager

Becki Daniels – Service Planner

Tara Stanley – Service Planner

Community Partners

The Pioneer Center | Ross County Board of DD

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ross County are included in the community as equal citizens, are as independent as possible, know their rights and speak up for themselves and direct their own lives through informed choices and with needed supports. LEARN MORE

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Offering support across the lifespan of people with developmental disabilities, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities oversees a statewide system of supportive services that focus on ensuring health and safety, supporting access to community participation, and increasing opportunities for meaningful employment. LEARN MORE

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